Hazardous Duty Solar Pump

Class I, Division II

One Quarter Inch Plunger

  • Simplex Flows to 29 QPD (7 GPD)
  • Duplex Flows to 58 QPD (14 GPD)
  • Operating pressures to 5,000 PSI
  • 0.22 HP Motor

Three Eighths Inch Plunger

  • Simplex Flows to 69 QPD (17 GPD)
  • Duplex Flows to 138 QPD (36 GPD)
  • Operating pressures to 2,500 PSI
  • 0.22 HP Motor

One Half Inch Plunger

  • Simplex Flows to 132 QPD (33 GPD)
  • Duplex Flows to 264 QPD (66 GPD)
  • Operating pressures to 1,250 PSI
  • 0.22 HP Motor




NOTE:  The Sidewinder Class I, Division II pump must be installed by a certified electrician.  All conduit, connections, and wiring must meet local Class I, Div II code.

NOTE:  The pump must be connected to a 12 VDC source and will not run on alternate voltages.

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of the installer to verify all components meet local Class I, Div II code and the electrician is certified to local Class I, Div II code.

The Sidewinder Solar Powered Chemical Metering Pump, combines innovation  and simplicity for a more reliable, energy efficient pump, that provides lower maintenance cost and ease of repair.

Explode-view Class 1 Division 2 Solar Pump

Our approach to designing a better pump resulted in less moving parts.  Our direct drive plunger/cam arrangement eliminates the cross head and resulting alignment issues reducing plunger and seal wear.  The cartridge style plunger head assembly & one piece plunger seal arrangement allows for ease of repair and ease of changing plunger sizes in less than 10 minutes.  The spring return eliminates the motor having to pull the plunger back in the cycle reducing the amount of energy required to complete a full cycle.

The unique pump base allows for mounting on surface of choice, whether direct to a skid or a pump stand.  The pump base provides clearance and access to the check valves for tubing and repair without interference of the mounting surface.

cartridge style pump head in solar metering pump

Cartridge style pump head allows for ease of repair in replacing plungers and seals.  Plunger sizes can be changed in matter of minutes.  System utilizes the same packing elements as the Sidewinder pneumatic pumps.

Innovation is the name of the game, and Sidewinder is leading the way with our plunger and seal design.  Sidewinder uses an insert that holds the plunger seal.  To change the plunger size, simply change the insert, plunger, and plunger seal.  Plungers come standard in ceramic coating, providing excellent resistance and wear life.  The entire assembly is mounted to the drive housing using only 4 fasteners and can be removed in a matter of minutes.

z-lip seal for pneumatic pumps

Sidewinder solar pumps use the same seal arrangements as our pneumatic pumps.  Chevron or adjustable style packing allows the operator to over tighten the packing creating excessive drag on the plunger, resulting in greater energy draw, which shortens battery life.  With our innovative design, seals can be changed in a matter of minutes without having to dig them out with tools that can mar or damage the seal gland.

Stroke Length Adjuster

Sidewinder Pumps introduces our new Stroke Length Adjuster  for AC / Solar Pump lines.  The innovative design allows for 0-100% adjustment while pump is running.  This provides accurate flow control options especially on the duplex pumps with different size plungers.  Setting the Stroke Adjuster to 0 will allow maintenance to be done to that pump without having to take pump out of service.  The Stroke Adjuster can be retrofitted to existing pumps.

control dial with numbers from 0 to 100

Sidewinder's Variable Speed DC pump features a 12 VDC motor that is rated for use in Class I, Division II, Groups A, B, C, & D areas.  The variable speed control provides adjustable flow rates from approximately 4 quarts per day (1 gallon per day) to 264 quarts per day (66 gallons per day).  The pump features Sidewinder's field serviceable pump head.  This allows for plunger size changes (1/4", 3/8", 1/2" plungers) in the field with minimal down time and cost.  Sidewinder's exclusive stroke limiter provides precise volume control.  The control dial references an approximate percentage of maximum cycles per minute (30 CPM).  Sidewinder recommends use of a pump setting gauge to accurately verify flow rates.

C1D2 solar pump materials parts breakdown

Additional information

Weight 320-36.0 lbs
Dimensions 12.15 × 15 × 9.15 in

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