Industry Links

AGI Industries Inc.
Centrifugal, Plunger, Screw, & Diaphragm Pumps, Pulsation Equipment, Package Fabrication, Hydraulics, Pump Repairs

Power Controls Inc.
Valve Actuators & Positioners, Level Instrumentation, Analyzers, Flow Measurement, Sensors & Transmitters

Northern Pump & Compessor
Pumps/Pump Systems, Filtration Systems & Components, Shop & Plant Air Systems & Components, Waste Oil Heater Systems, Shop Wash Bay Systems and Components

Jet Specialty Inc.
Tubing, Tube Fittings & Valves, Gauges, Level Instrumentation, Leak Detection, Analyzers, Chart Recorders, General Oil Field Supplies

R. Mc.Sales Inc.
Instrumentation Valves & Actuators, Level Sensors & Transmitters, Instrumentation Repairs, Filters

Comercializadora E.M.R.
Specialized high-tech products for monitoring, and evaluation of corrosion, suppliers of chemical pumps and repair and adjustment of injection pumps for chemical treatments.

Gulf Coast Measurement Inc
On-site and off-site measurement services, and repairs of liquid flow meters;  gas flow recorders as well as, set-up, calibrate, and perform downloads on numerous types of Electronic Flow Measurement devices. Perform assembly and repair of meter runs, as well as sampler systems. Source for chemical metering pumps and repairs

Supliequip Servicio C.A. Venezuela
Metering Pumps/Pneumatic and Electric, Metering Pump Repairs, Metal Samples products, service and repairs