Industry Links

AGI Industries Inc.

Centrifugal, Plunger, Screw, & Diaphragm Pumps, Pulsation Equipment, Package Fabrication, Hydraulics, Pump Repairs

Inject-Tech & Supply L.L.C.

Chemical Pumps, Injection Equipment, Glycol Pumps, Corrosion Monitoring Equipment, Pump Repairs, Valve Repairs.  Provide all equipment needed for chemical injection applications.

On Site Services Ltd.

Pneumatic Equipment, Chemical Pumps, Metering Gauges, Spares & Accessories, Laboratory Supplies, Specialty Mechanical Services & Equipment; Chemical & Corrosion Management; Cathodic Protection; Positive Pressure Habitats; Upstream & Downstream Consultancy.


Vacuum Pumps, Metering Pumps & Systems, High Vacuum Refrigeration, Air Tribular Blowers.

Northern Pump & Compressor

Pumps/Pump Systems, Filtration Systems & Components, Shop & Plant Air Systems & Components, Waste Oil Heater Systems, Shop Wash Bay Systems and Components

Power Controls Incorporated

Valve Actuation, Liquid Level Instruments, Process Instruments, Natural Gas & Oil Equipment, Chemical Pumps, Electric & Gas Process Heaters and Process Heating Equipment, Re-manufactured Control Valves, Relief Valves, Rotary Meters & Transmitters.

RMC Sales Inc.

Instrumentation Valves & Actuators, Level Sensors & Transmitters, Instrumentation Repairs, Filters

Whitco Pump & Equipment

Pumps, Pumps Parts, Lubrication Equipment, Electric Motors, Tanks & Containers, High Pressure Valves & Fittings.  Professional Consulting; Pump System Troubleshooting; In-house Pump Repair & Testing; Field Service Repair, Pump Refurbishing Services.