For the oil and gas industry, colder temperatures can often produce difficult circumstances.  The formation of hydrate, combined with changes in temperature and pressure, can lead to pipelines freezing.  When freezing occurs, ice formations within the pipeline can reduce or restrict the flow of hydrocarbons.  The application of hydrate inhibitors, such as methanol, MEG, and TEG, work as an anti-freeze, protecting assets.

Methanol injection is used onshore and offshore in the oil and gas industry for multiple applications.  Methanol is injected both continuously and intermittently, depending on the process, to prevent hydrate formation.  Methanol is used during the oil and gas transportation to lower the freezing point of moisture in the product.  In production facilities, high concentrations of methanol can be used with other chemicals to prevent bacteria growth.  Bacteria can induce corrosion and generate byproducts that are hazardous to personnel such as H₂S.

Sidewinder chemical metering pumps are available as pneumatic, AC electric, or solar driven pumps.  Pump choice depends on the application requirements.  All our positive displacement pumps provide safe and reliable chemical injection of additives.

The Sidewinder product lines (pneumatic, electric, and solar) all have timer controlled function, and 0-100% stroke length adjustment.  The timer controller combined with the stroke length adjuster feature provides precise volume control.  Sidewinder pumps accurately meter to less than one quart per day variance.  The lightweight, compact design of our pumps allows for easy maintenance and field repair.

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