Corrosion is the most common problem in the oil and gas industry, costing billions of dollars each year.  Corrosion affects nearly every aspect of production.  This results in compromised structural integrity in downstream, midstream, and upstream systems.  The application of chemical corrosion inhibitors can significantly reduce corrosion problems caused by the presence of oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO₂), hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and/or other agents.

Corrosion inhibitors are chemical compounds that, when added to a flow stream, effectively reduce the corrosion rates of the metal exposed to those streams.  Corrosion inhibitors fall into four main categories:  scavengers, reactive agents, vapor phase and film formers.

Sidewinder chemical metering pumps are available in pneumatic, AC, or DC (solar) depending on the application requirements.  Our positive displacement pumps provide safe and reliable chemical injection.

The Sidewinder product lines (pneumatic, electric, and solar) all have timer control function, 0-100% stroke length adjustment.  The combination of timer controllers and stroke length adjust feature, provides precise volume control.  Sidewinder pumps accurately meter to less than one quart per day variance.  The lightweight, compact design of our pumps allows for easy maintenance and field repair.

Contact Sidewinder for help sizing a chemical injection pump to meet your specific application needs.