Solar Metering Pumps


Solar Power is quick becoming the preferred power source to operate chemical metering pumps. Solar powered chemicals pumps are being used for Methanol injection, corrosion inhibitor injection and other chemical applications. Solar powered injection pumps utilize solar panels ranging from 85 Watts to 150 Watts, depending on the energy requirements of the solar powered pump. The solar panels provide power during the day to operate the solar powered pump and to charge the batteries used for non-daylight operation.


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Solar Pump w GEN2 Timer IOM
Solar Pump Sales Brochure
Solar Injection Motor Timer Instructions
Solar Pump Install Procedures
0.250 Plunger Specifications
0.375 Plunger Specifications
0.500 Plunger Specifications
Solar Pump Quick Start Guide

Solar Chemical Metering Pumps

Flow Rates:
1/4” plunger 18 GPD simplex / 36 GPD Duplex
3/8” plunger 41 GPD simplex / 82 GPD Duplex
1/2” plunger 73 GPD simplex / 146 GPD Duplex

Operating Pressures:
1/4 inch plunger to 5,000 PSI
3/8 inch plunger to 2,500 PSI
1/2 inch plunger to 1,250 PSI

Ceramic Coated Plungers

  • One Piece Plunger Seal
  • Direct Cam Drive, No Crosshead
  • Cartridge Pump Head Assy
  • Methanol Temperature Control

Sidewinder Pumps Inc. introduces their Solar Powered Chemical
Metering Pump with several new inovations

  • Direct cam drive
  • No crosshead with pinned connections
  • No weak points for breakage
  • No alignment issues
  • Spring return uses less energy
  • Untilized plunger head assembly
  • One piece Uniseal or O-ring with back up ring plunger seal
  • Ease of plunger and seal replacement
  • Optional seal material available
  • Rapid change in plunger sizes
  • 1/4, 1/2, and 3/8 inch plunger options
  • Ceramic coated plungers
  • Easy field maintenance/replacement
  • Field serviceable
  • Timer can be operated in continous run mode or in choice of multiple intermittent timed cycles for H2S inhibitor applications etc
  • Methanol temperature control available to activate pump at 45° F and turn pump off at 55° F
  • RS 485 9 pin serial port for customer monitoring interface
  • Two motor options 1/15th HP for pressures below 2,000 PSI and 0.22 HP for pressures above 2,000 PSI, provides for more effi cient energy usage

Stroke Length Adjuster

Sidewinder Pumps introduces our new Stroke Length Adjuster for AC / Solar Pump lines. The innovative design allows for 0-100% adjustment while pump is running. This provides accurate flow control options especially on duplex pumps with different size plungers. Setting the Stroke Adjuster to 0 will allow maintenance to be done to that pump without having to take pump out of service. The Stroke Adjuster can be retrofitted to existing pumps.