Solar Electronic Timer

Solar Electronic Timer System Solar Powered Electronic Timer than can be used with Sidewinder or other pneumatic metering chemical pumps.

Sidewinder Solar Powered Electronic Timer (SET) provides an alternative to pneumatic metering pump applications where the air/gas supply has excessive moisture and contaminants causing operational problems for the metering pump.

The electronic solenoid provides a reliable, accurate timing function to set the pumpflow rates.

The operational design of the solenoid also eliminates the bleed by experienced by the timer control in barrel style metering pumps. This reduces hydrocarbon emmissions to the atomosphere.


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Solor Electronic Timer

SET Operating Instructions


  • Solenoid operates with wet and dirty supply gas.
  • Will not stall
  • Repeatable
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Reduce hydron carbon emissions by eliminating bleed by in timer control valve


  • 10-Watt Solar Panel with built in solar charge controller
  • 12 volt sealed battery
  • Stainless Steel Control box
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Solar panel mounts to control box

Electronic Timer with digital read out, provides ease of setting pump flow and has port for optional temperature probe.

Two settings for volume control

  • 0-60 SPM in 1 SPM increments
  • 0-60 SPH in 1 SPH increments
  • Provides flow rates less than 1 quart per day

Temperature Probe Option for Methanol Applicaitons

  • Activates at 40 F
  • Shuts off at 50 F