Model 40 ‘E’ Series Pre-Lube Pump

Pre-lubing before every start will maximize the life of engine-driven equipment by minimizing the metal-to-metal contact during the first several seconds of running.

The Model 40 ‘E’ Series Pre-Lube Pump provides vital protection for engine-driven equipment, making it a critical component for any pre-lube system.  The Sidewinder pre-lube pump eliminates costly failures and premature wear and tear by providing sufficient flow ensuring all parts will be lubricated during the pre-lube cycle.

The Sidewinder Model 40 ‘E’ Series Pre-Lube pump comes standard with 316 SS wet end components.



Model 40 ‘E’ Series Pre-Lube Pump

  • One quarter inch plunger
  • 1.25 inch piston
  • 25:1 amplification ratio
  • Working pressures to 3,500 PSI
  • Flows to 90 QPD (23 GPD)

Additional information

Weight 6.0 lbs


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