Gas Recovery Chemical Metering Pump

For Energy Producers using produced natural gas to power chemical metering injection pumps who are looking to eliminate hydro carbon emissions, utilize exhaust gas in other applications or to simply add $$$ back into their system.

The GS Gas Recovery Metering Injection Pump routes the exhaust gases to a pre-determined location for recovery, treatment or use for another application.

The GS Gas Recovery Metering Injection Pump eliminates hydro carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Based on the Model 42/62/82 Series pump, the GS Gas Recovery Metering Injection Pump can accurately meter from 1 quart to 255 quarts per day. Operating specifications are the same as the Model 42/62/82 Series chemical metering pump.

Eliminates cost of venting gas to the atmosphere by rerouting the exhaust gas to another application or function.

100% pay back on gas recovered.


Gas Recovery Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Sour Gas Recovery – Route H2S gas exhaust to H2S scavenger system
  • Gas Recovery for Hazardous Areas: Redirect exhaust gas away from Class 1 Div 1 Group D areas
  • Gas Recovery to flare stack
  • Gas Recovery injected back into low pressure side of compressor or separator unit
  • Gas Recovery of exhaust gas into odorize units
  • Gas Recovery as fuel source for natural gas aspirated engines

Benefits of the GS Gas Recovery Metering Injection Pump:

  • GS Gas Recovery Injection Pump components are NACE MRO 175 compliant
  • GS Gas Recovery Injection Pumps equipped with Ceramic Plungers have lifetime warranty against plunger breakage or wear
  • GS Gas Recovery Injection Pumps are field serviceable, easy to repair with low cost of purchase and low cost of ownership
  • Any existing Model 42/62/82 Series can be retro fitted to the GS Series Gas Recovery Injection Pump
  • 100% recovery of exhaust
  • GS Gas Recovery Injection Pumps are compliant with ZERO emissions policies
  • GS Gas Recovery Injection Pumps are applicable in hazardous & explosion proof environments

Formula for Maximum Recovery Pressure

Maximum Recovery Pressure = MRP
Discharge Pressure = DP
Supply Pressure = SP
Amplification Ratio of Model 42 Pump = 80
Pressure Differential to Operate Pump = 25
MRP = SP – [DP ÷ 80] – 25

DP = 1440
SP = 150

MRP = 150 – [1440 ÷ 80] – 25
MRP = 150 – 18 – 25
MRP = 107

Download the Gas Recovery Pump Formula Calculator. (Excel Format)
Pump Spec

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Weight 7.0 lbs


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