The formation and deposition of solids in wells and pipelines can interrupt the stream of hydrocarbons.  These deposits can result in blockage, obstructing the flow in production systems and cause premature equipment failure.  To successfully manage flow assurance, chemical dosing pumps are used to deliver chemicals through various production processes.

Solid deposits such as asphaltene, gas hydrate, paraffin, and scale, are formed as a result of a chemical reaction, changes in temperature and pressure within the production system, or an incompatibility between mixing waters.  Over time, solid deposits build-up, resulting in significant financial loss and can cause catastrophic failure.  Utilizing Sidewinder chemical metering pumps with the relevant chemical will prevent these problems and maintain quality flow assurance.

The Sidewinder product lines (pneumatic, electric, and solar) all have timer control function, 0-100% stroke length adjustment.  The timer controller combined with the stroke length adjuster feature provides precise volume control.  Sidewinder pumps accurately meter to less than one quart per day.  The lightweight, compact design of our pumps allows for easy maintenance and field repair.

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